Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Morbid Fashion's Style Guide

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a unique style guide for those of us who are "darkly inclined". It's written by Zellain Dystopia of the outstanding blog Morbid Fashion. If your style - or just your clothing - is all over the place, Morbid Fashion: A Basic Guide to Identifying & Creating Your Grown-Up Gothic Style could certainly help you pull it all together.

If you've ever dropped by Morbid Fashion, you know that Zellain is known for her take on grown-up goth fashion. So it makes perfect sense that the guide does a great job of laying out practical ways to clear out what you don't need, find more of what you do and what to do with what you have. The key sections are focused gathering inspiration, getting organized, shopping, dressing for all seasons as a gothic person, and working color or patterns into your wardrobe. All of these come with detailed tips and links with more information. (I've personally earmarked the section on organizing as it seems that's the area in which I need the most help.)

The reference section is pure gold in terms of helping you find out where to get what and it's also full of books, websites and magazines tuned in to the everyday goth. Very awesome stuff. Bonus points for a nice section on plus size shopping tips and resources.

Even though I think of the guide as helping "corporate goths" and well-heeled alternative fashionistas, it could be even more valuable to younger goths (so-called "baby bats") who are trying to carve out their own style while finding their bearings. You can get your own copy at Subtle Goth. I absolutely recommend it and I can't help hoping that Zellain will one day turn this very thorough style guide into a full fashion tome. Get this.

I received no compensation whatsoever for this review and the opinions herein are wholly my own.
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